In 2015, Simon, Nicholas and George incubated the concept of what is now SynigeMedX. The name Synige originates from the three partners first names also…. because it sounded cool and smart!
The executive management model SynigeMedX has chosen, is of a proactive board that speaks as one voice and is a good model because the CEO and the board are on the same page and speak with a single voice. This model is proactive in taking advantage of emerging opportunities and is especially valuable in an entrepreneurial business such as ours.

The skills of our management team have been developed with over 35 years’ experience in the provision of medical clinics, services and support in:

  • Ambulance Operations in Urban, Peri-Urban and rural environments (EU and SADC)
  • Fixed and Rotary Wing Air Ambulance Operations (US, EU, North Africa and SADC)
  • Oil, Gas and Mineral Exploration (offshore/onshore, Arctic, Tropics, Desert, Mountain)
  • Events Management: Concerts, Film and TV, Endurance/Extreme Sports and Motor racing
  • Close protection medical support (D.R.C, Chad, C.A.R, Iraq, Afghanistan)
  • Incident Response Planning and Investigation
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • Search and Rescue
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
  • Mining – Open cast, Alluvial
  • Critical Analysis
  • Disaster Management



Medical Director


Simon’s passion is building the systems required to prevent illness and injury. Qualifying as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic in 1999, Simon has supported operations in remote and austere conditions since 2001.

The range of industries Simon has supported is diverse from mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration and production, hospitality, international criminal justice, and disaster recovery. This experience includes six years at sea supporting seismic research, and time as a dedicated flight paramedic providing cover on commercial and private, fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Prior to tertiary education Simon qualified as an Operational Medical Orderly (Equivalent to Combat Medical Technician (CMT), and provided support to small unit operations in both urban and rural environments.

Simon’s experiences provide a rich insight into the challenges of providing medical support in remote locations.


Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)


Nicholas’s passion is the provision of effective and world class pre-hospital services in the remote and wild places! As a qualified and registered Professional Advanced Life Support Paramedic since 1996, and having worked in a variety of diverse pre-hospital emergency medical environments and roles, Nicholas brings a wealth of operational, managerial, training and mentorship and logistic experience to your project. This experience coupled with personal business ventures and day to day leadership and implementation of “TurnKey” safety and occupational health programs in the austere environments of Africa and the Middle east allows him to seamlessly adapt to your organization and develop positive and practical approaches to health, safety and the delivery rapid emergency medical response and treatment in the out-of-hospital environments.