Event medical management, consulting and staffing

Medical management is an integral part of any company, event or project and provides support to the core business function through many areas;

  • Design and implementation of an Event Medical Plan (EMP)
  • Onsite definitive treatment or stabilisation
  • Act as a filter should higher medical care be required
  • Reduce response time
  • We remain on site after evacuation!
  • Post event reporting captures lessons learned for continuous improvement
  • Bespoke tours arranged for medics on elective experiential placements
  • Medical support to the tourism industry for high risk travellers
  • Expedition medical support
  • Film/ TV medical support for high risk environment
  • On- flight medical support and concierge service to person travelling to and from South Africa for emergency or elective medical procedures


SynigeMedX strive to create awareness and to educate the public about their own health conditions which include abnormal heart rhythms to ensure early detection, diagnosis and treatment and to help prevent adverse arrhythmic cardiac events such as sudden cardiac death and stroke.

With required consent, we can screen and test for the following; 

  • Arrhythmia screening - rhythm strip and/or 12 lead ECG (if indicated)
  • Blood pressure
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea assessment
  • Stroke risk analysis (in the presence of atrial fibrillation)
  • Sudden Cardiac Death risk assessment
  • Glucose
  • Cholesterol 
  • Lung function
  • Weight and Height = BMI
  • Waist to hip ratio
  • Urinalysis – medical and/or drug toxicity


In line with the Bill of Rights enshrined in Constitution of South Africa, SynigeMedX believes that everybody is entitled to emergency care, and therefore offers CPR, AED and First Aid training to ensure confidence to all those whom are willing to become first respondents. This may be at the office, the school, the family home, the sporting event, the gym, the church or even on the road. Essentially anyone who is willing or required to respond and save a life, be it yours or anyone on your premises!

Our programs are accredited under the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa (RCSA), American Heart Association (AHA), Health and Welfare SETA. 

We are committed to providing excellent emergency care and resuscitation training using instructors, including KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape, current with the up-to-date evidenced based medical protocols, thus assuring you of quality training countrywide! 

We also provide quality training to health care professionals thus allowing providers to offer their best possible care, within their scope of practice and to confidently perform high quality resuscitation incorporating the most recent evidence based international emergency medical protocols. 

Training can be done on site on a date and time most suitable to you.

All records are kept strictly confidential.

Courses offered:

  • CPR for Everyone
  • Heartsaver CPR and AED
  • BLS for HCP
  • First Aid Level 1, 2, and 3

Health & Safety

Prevention of illness and injury is more economically sustainable than treatment; this is particularly relevant to food and water borne disease, which includes appropriate waste disposal, and vector control.

  • Medical needs Risk Assessment
  • Medical facility and service audits
  • Surveillance of individual worker’s health to maximize efficiency.
  • Surveillance and monitoring of medical threats, so that they can be managed appropriately.
  • The minimization of delays to definitive treatment acts as a work force multiplier, by reducing the down time due to illness and injury.
  • Medical management also provides a source of education and training for the population being covered.